Kitchen Cabinet Painting – Is it More Expensive Than Refinishing?

Cabinet Refinishing in Houston, TX could be the best choice for your home. There are many reasons for that. You have all the reasons to choose a cabinet refacing service in Houston, TX, including the following: Your cabinets have seen better days; you need them replaced; you want them to look great again; or, you are just getting tired of their current appearance and would like to do something new with them. Whatever your situation may be, we can help. Here’s how.

Cabinet Refinishing by Cabinet Cures doesn’t merely cover up your older finish. Instead, use cabinet refinishing method to transform your outdated cabinets without even replacing the cabinet fronts. If you like the original style of your cabinet fronts, their wood varieties, and simply want to refresh your cabinets without having to replace their materials, cabinet refacing is an ideal way to do that. It is more economical than cabinet replacement too.

To start, you must get down to business. First, clean your kitchen cabinets and any open shelves you may have. Next, remove the cabinet doors and then sand the surfaces using drum sander, coarse grit sandpaper, or other appropriate option. The purpose is to expose the wood grain and bring out its beauty. Once you have sanded the surfaces, apply painter’s tape on the cabinet doors and other locations where paint will be applied to prevent paint from peeling off.

If you are going to perform cabinet refinishing in Houston, TX, there are a few other steps you must follow. You must prepare your materials, such as tools and paint. If you don’t have them, shop around and find them for less. Also, you need to plan the job correctly. Know the dimensions of your doors before you start cabinet refinishing. Don’t start on a cabinet door that is too large as to result in poor cabinet function.

Most kitchen cabinet refinishing jobs involve a complete kitchen makeover. This means you’ll need to resurface your countertops as well. Most homeowners want their kitchens to appear nicer, but they also want the countertops to be durable and easy to clean. Most cabinet refinishing companies offer a wide range of countertop choices, from granite to laminate. Whatever surface you prefer, most experienced cabinet refrontists can refinish your countertops so that they match the rest of your cabinetry.

To determine the cabinet refacing price, calculate your total cost to cover all materials, including labor. Then divide that figure by the total square feet in your kitchen – or the amount of cabinet space that’s available, whichever measurement you prefer. The result is the per square foot cost of your kitchen cabinet refinishing, which includes the cost of the finish and its preparation. Your wood refinishing service should provide an estimate based on the total cost of the project, so be sure to ask about any extra costs. For more details on cabinet and wood refinishing visit

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