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Tampa Counseling Services provides comprehensive clinical and professional services to the entire full-time resident student body of Manhattan Beach College, free of charge. We provide individual, couple, family, group, and academic treatment, as well as counseling, assessments, psychological testing, emergency intervention, and referrals to appropriate mental health professionals. The unique counseling services provided by Counseling Services are designed to assist students in making informed decisions about their educational and career goals. Our trained counsellors will work with your academic advisor, your career counselor, your professor, your guidance committee, and any other individuals who may have an impact on your decision making.


The majority of our full-time counselling services target the needs of the single, low-income, or minority-grouped client to address specific life-shaping concerns. In keeping with our clients’ emphasis on individual needs, we also have a Substance Abuse and Dependency Clinic that addresses the specific needs of our clients suffering from substance abuse problems. In keeping with our holistic approach to patient care, we also offer outpatient substance abuse treatment for those who require more intensive inpatient care. If your child or loved one requires inpatient substance abuse treatment, we can refer you to an inpatient substance abuse treatment facility, in keeping with our commitment to holistic patient care.


Throughout our facilities, our experienced counselors provide one-on-one consultations to patients and their families to help them develop healthy relationships. As part of our committed and dedicated efforts to transforming lives, we work with clients to promote change through educational and experiential programs that build strong supportive environments. Our counselors are committed to promoting healthy relationships and creating an environment of safety and caring. Through our free, quality service, we empower our clients through the promotion of healthy relationships at all levels – from family, school, church, workplace, and sports – as well as among siblings, extended families, friends, colleagues, children, and adolescents. Counseling services are provided in a confidential, non-judgmental, supportive, environment.


There are several types of individual counseling available through our community resources. If your child or loved one needs a specialized type of counseling, we have a number of professional counselors who specialize in the specific needs of your child or loved one. Counseling services may be offered in person, via the phone, or online. Counseling is provided by licensed and certified mental health counselors.


Couples counseling services are available through a very effective process called tandem care. In tandem care, one professional counselor helps a couple with their individual counseling services. They have a professional who is a marriage therapist. They have someone else they would likely be working with as well: their therapist. Their goal is to help each partner to gain valuable insight, communicate about conflicts, find healthy relationship patterns, increase their intimacy and sexual pleasure, improve communication skills, manage stress, develop trust and respect, grow as a couple and become more loving and secure in themselves and others. This service is especially valuable for couples who may feel stuck in a rut in which one partner has been feeling for a very long time.


Counseling for teens is also available through a number of schools, from schools serving low-income and minority children, all the way up to college campuses. Most school counselors are trained on an individual basis and may have years of experience in different aspects of teen and youth life. When a high school or college student wants to explore this option, they can contact their school counsellor for more information. Alternatively, they can contact a full-time or part-time counselor who can help students to make the most of their experience, through individual and group counseling.

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